• Walls

    Who is your type? / Brown hair. Blue eyes. / Body long, thin, / arms muscular,/ a smile that doesn’t take up too much of the face and looks wicked, dangerous.   Read More

  • Reckless Union

    I watch you. / I wonder if you are aware. / I’m crazed with spinning, / feeling like a drunk evaporation / split-second stopped suddenly swooping,   Read More

  • Twenty-Six Seconds

    ​In America, every 26 seconds a student drops out of high school. At my school, school is your life or you lose because in this game we play, colleges look at your GPA.   Read More

  • Anyhow I Can’t Explain It

    Half of me / hypothesizes how it would be / to lose myself completely. / Though the me that I am / on Tuesdays, / on school days, / says that’s silly, / impossible. / It can’t be done. / It’s funny how / I’m more than one person.   Read More

  • Open Up Time

    ​I’ve been going about it all wrong, / treating conversation like a computer, / like a problem with a solution.   Read More

  • Coughin

    We drove up to Eagle Rock / mid afternoon, the music boomed. / Both of us wore new sunglasses, / taking in the windshield sun flare.   Read More

  • Sally the Sommambulist

    Sally sits up again, clutching her guitar. She has her eyes
    closed. She walks out of her room.   Read More

  • College Apps & Tea Leaf

    I am working harder than ever I have / braved. My purple is the substance of sun through the window. / My tea is cold and mostly finished.   Read More

  • The Statue of liberty

    Think about what will be told / in my stories, / what will be the substance of my / sequencing. / Don’t know its tumble and form just yet. / Unsure about the glimpse and the silhouette.   Read More

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